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Windsor, Ontario N8S 1S9
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Windsor, Ontario N9E 1T7
6000 Malden Road,
Lasalle, Ontario N9H 1S8
30 Main Street East
Kingsville, Ontario N9Y 1A2

Simple Choice Cremation Centre is a family owned and operated direct cremation transfer service located in Windsor, Ontario. We have removed as many “staff services” and “use of facilities” costs from a Traditional funeral as possible, and are now able to offer one of the most affordable basic cremation options in Windsor/Essex County.

  • At-Need Arrangements are available 24-hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year.
  • Pre-paid arrangements by appointment.
  • All pre-paid arrangements are funded and are fully guaranteed under the Government of Ontario Funeral, Burial and Cremation Services Act, 2002.
  • Estimates and consultations are offered without obligation.
  • We service the entire greater Windsor/Essex County Area.
  • We carry a full selection of urns and funeral merchandise.
  • Price list is available upon request.
  • You are under NO obligation to make a purchase when you contact us.
  • Online arrangements can be started by visiting simplechoicecremation.ca/arrangeonline.

To learn more about Simple Choice Cremation Centre, simply call (519) 254-2585 or visit www.simplechoicecremation.ca.


People choosing direct cremation come from all walks of life.
Reasons vary by individual and are personal. These reasons may include:

  • Fulfilling wishes of a loved-one.
  • Reducing financial burden for loved ones.
  • Financial limitations that demand a less costly option.
  • Some do not require formal visitation services, a funeral coach, limousines or an expensive casket.
  • Preference not to be viewed or on display.
  • Ability to plan a memorial gathering at a later date.
  • Simpler, less emotional, more convenient.
  • Compliments our increasingly mobile society.
  • Outliving most of their supportive family and friends.
  • Preference for Scattering.
  • Environmental concerns.
  • Belief that a cremated body reverts to its natural state more quickly.
  • Cultural or religious traditions.

Although we have streamlined our services to keep your costs much lower than traditional funeral homes, we will never compromise on our standard of care and pledge to provide all of our affordable cremation services with the highest level of professional ethics.